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If you want to attend the inaugural reception for "50 Dey Street"
on Thursday, Dec. 8 at CANCO Lofts in Jersey City, NJ, please
RSVP to: artexhibit@cancolofts.com


CANCOlofts is proud to host the first United States exhibition of Geneviève Gleize’s  photographic exhibition,
“50 Dey Street,” in the venue where her work was born.

“I happened upon this site accidentally,” recounts Ms. Gleize, “while visiting friends in Jersey City. It was a revelation for me,
awakening a faraway memory from my childhood. Our playground in the south of France was my grandfather’s workshop,
so the unrenovated section of 50 Dey Street brought me back to that cherished place, with its old windows, machine odors, dusty floors
and above all, the imprint of people who had worked long hours there. There was something universal here that I wanted to capture with my camera.”

Ms. Gleize’s images depict reality with all the color, light and texture of life itself, without any retouching by digital tools.
Thanks to her unique framing and her attention to detail, she guides us into an abstract world where we are allowed
to float into the imaginary space of our own interpretation.

Click here for more information about Geneviève Gleize: www.genevievegleize.fr
Click here for more information about CANCO Lofts: www.cancolofts.com

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