Cinémonde is a smart, elegant private film series that was born in New York City with screenings of thought-provoking films throughout the year, including discussions with our participants and guest filmmakers. Now we watch films and have discussion virtually. Send us your photos for our Cinémonde Srapbook.

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Cinémonde Film Series

1) What is Cinémonde? A smart, elegant private film series with screenings of American and international films throughout the year, followed by a discussion, along with a gourmet reception for guests and filmmakers. The pandemic has obliged us to cut out the food and drinks! For list of the program at the first 50 Cinémonde soirees, go to: The First Fifty. For video reportages and director interviews, go to Background: Videos, Interviews, Articles. For scrapbook of photos, go to Scrapbook.

2) When and where does the next Cinémonde soirée take place? Soirée Number 83 happens on your computer or smart phone anywhere in the world..
Watch the film at your convenience anytime between Sept 29-Oct 2, 2022 concluding on Sunday, Oct 2 promptly 4:00 - 5:00 pm ESTwith our live Q&A on Zoom.

3) Why Cinémonde? To create a cordial, private venue to see thought-provoking work from around the world, offering participants the opportunity to interact with the filmmakers and film lovers while savoring wonderful foods and beverages. The underlying theme is to bring people together with universal stories and warm hospitality. The pleasure of seeing good films is embellished with good talk, food, drink and company.

4) Who is the programmer and host of Cinémonde? Jerome Henry (Jerry) Rudes, Founder and Director of both the 25-year-old Avignon Film Festival (France)
and the 13-year-old Avignon/New York Film Festival, launched the Cinémonde Screening Series in November 2008.
5) How do filmmakers submit their films for consideration? If you are a filmmaker and want us to consider your short or feature for an upcoming Ciinemonde event, please submit your work at: Submit for Cinémonde.
6) What is the screening format? We'll be streaming our selections on Vimeo, and you can view on screen of your choice.

7) How do you reserve a ticket and pay?
The number of participants in our Zoom live discussion is limited and guests must reserve their place beforehand on a first-come, first-serve basis. There are no discounts nor refunds. If you have been invited personally, go directly to ReserveCinemonde to reserve your tickets.
8) How can I attend the upcoming Cinémonde soirée? If you want an invitation to attend an upcoming Cinémonde soiree, please contact us and simply tell us who you are and why you are interested in our events: Cinémonders need to be invited personally, thus underscoring the private nature of the series. Once you have received your personal invitation by e-mail, you can reserve your place and those of your guests here on the Cinémonde website by clicking here. You also need to tell us who invited you at the prompt.
9) Can I tell friends, colleagues or familyabout a Cinémonde soirée? Yes, guests may invite others who need to tell us who invited them when they reserve. No one may purchase more than 4 tickets for any one soirée.

10) What is the dress code? Casual / decent.

11) What do Cinémonde ticket revenues cover? All proceeds are used to pay for screening platformss,

staff, organizational expenses associated with each event. No profit is budgeted or expected.

12) What is the cost? Our reservation fee is $20 per guest. Tickets must be pre-paid on line at ReserveCinemonde
through PayPal. It's easy, all credit cards accepted. There are no discounts.
Barring extraordinary circumstances, monies will not be accepted at the last minute.

13) Which films will be screened? A compelling program made up of a feature film and short film are especially curated for each soiree. Details about each film selected for the upcoming Cinémonde soiree are
posted 2-3 weeks prior to each event, with reminders. Here are details about our upcoming Soirée #83!

14) Which members of the film's creative team will attend? Directors, producers, crew and/or cast members

from each movie are invited to attend and discuss their work. To see some director interviews, go to Background: Videos, Interviews, Articles.

15) Who are the partners of Cinémonde? A select group of organizations partner with the Cinémonde series
in order to offer sampling and promotional opportunities to our participants. If you want to partner with Cinémonde, please contact us here!