Mistral Artist Management is an event management, film post-production and artists' development company founded by Jerry Rudes. Our goal is to vigorously support our clients in the telling of their stories through books, plays, still photography, documentary and narrative films.

Cinémonde Is Back!

Cinémonde is a private film series in New York City produced by Mistral Artist with screenings of thought-provoking films throughout the year, including discussions with filmmakers. Cinémonde Soiree #70 is scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 12, 2020, with a preview of THE 11TH GREEN and the participation of director Christopher Munch. Reserve here for Soiree #70 on Thursday, Nov. 12, 2020! (Photo: Agnes Bruckner in THE 11TH GREEN)

Artist Representation & Management

Supporting and encouraging a select group of authors, playwrights, screenwriters, directors, photographers and performers, Mistral Artist is both agent and catalyst for artist expression. See who we represent!

(Photo: Actor/Director Maria de Medeiros)

Subtitling & Captioning

Working with distributors, producers, festivals and filmmakers from the U.S. and around the world, Mistral Artist specializes in high-caliber subtitling that allows movies to cross linguistic and cultural barriers. Contact us for advice and a quote!

(Photo: SALERO directed by Mike Plunkett, with subtitles by Mistral Artist)


Videos, Interviews, Articles Scrapbook

The Mistral is a renowned wind that blows down France's Rhône River valley providing sunny weather and bringing good health in the wake of its strong gusts. Mistral Artist tries to bring a break of fresh air to the people and projects we work with. See background info about the founder! See videos, interviews, and published articles! (Photo: Jerry Rudes and Filmmaker Agnès Varda)


Special Projects Mistral Artist cooperates with outstanding organizations in the realm of cultural exchange.

Contact us by email here email: jerry.rudes@mistralartistmanagement.com / Mailing Address: Mistral Artist, 99 Madison Avenue, Ste. 521, NYC 10016, Office : 1 212-343-1910